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Do you need help navigating the weather business?

Posted on August 27, 2018 at 12:20 AM

We are all familiar with weather forecasts. So much so, that users of forecasts from individuals to organizations and businesses are very comfortable making many decisions well before any impact is forecast to be felt. For instance, school or business closings for expected snow or early release for schools on very hot days where air conditioning is not available.

However, new technology and capabilities are making it possible to do even more with weather and climate data. Some of the newest growth areas in the weather business incorporates weather/climate and analytics. Another growth area in the industry is relating past, present and forecast weather data to other geospatial databases for spatial analysis.

Many companies and organizations are now incorporating these new types of weather technologies into their processes. Need some help to determine your weather strategies? First understand your goals and from that point you should be able explore your options

Remember, having a weather strategy is the best strategy.

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