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Using Weather- And Climate-Related Information Strategically

Posted on January 15, 2021 at 11:45 AM

When it comes to weather and climate, there are tried and true tools available but there are also newer products and processes you may not know about that may be of assistance to your organization. However, since many options are should take a step back and look at their weather and climate needs strategically.

How do you determine how to use weather and climate related information strategically? Here are some steps to follow:

1. Select the corporate mission/goals as they relate to your weather- and climate-related concerns.

Since weather and climate impacts organizations at many different levels, a sense of direction and focus will make the process much easier especially regarding some of the tools and options. If you have multiple weather or climate related goals, it may make sense to deal with each separately.

2. Analyze the organization's external competitive environment to identify opportunities and threats as they relate to weather/climate. There are a number of tools. Depending on your needs, this can range from understanding the weather/climate and current impacts on your organization through education to looking to the future using scenario planning.

3. Analyze the organization's internal operating environment to identify the organization's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to weather. One way to look at the internal environment is to utilize analysis tools like a SWOT analysis and/or Michael Porters Five Forces analysis.

4. Select strategies that build on the organization's strengths and correct its weaknesses in order to take advantage of external opportunities and counter external threats. These strategies should be consistent with the mission and major goals of the organization. They should be congruent and applicable to the company's business model.

5. Implement the strategies.

Once you have outlined your strategies, do you know or understand what is available and what is possible with weather data? You may be surprised as to what is available and what can be done with weather and climate data. Organizations like WeatherStrategy LLC can assist you with outlining weather/climate related goals, developing weather strategies and with navigating the weather industry. Contact

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