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Does your business or organization need a "weather manager"?

Posted on January 18, 2021 at 5:55 PM

During the middle of April 2019, two weekend events showed the need for someone to be a “weather manager” especially when there are a number of people who can be impacted. We are defining “weather manager” as someone who has the responsibility to keep track of the weather and how it may impact an event, business or organization.


There were two events that weekend impacted by weather. One was the Master Tournament in Georgia and the other was a cultural festival in Northeast Texas.


Both ends of the weather impact spectrum (positive/negative) were experienced that weekend. On the positive side, The Masters Tournament proactively moved the Sunday part of the tournament ahead of expected severe weather. The PGA does have meteorologists on-site and the decisions made on Saturday worked best for all considering the threat of severe storms on Sunday afternoon in Augusta, Georgia.


Sadly, a cultural festival in Northeast Texas had a different outcome. The festival was impacted by two different storms and suffered a direct hit from a tornado. One person died and at least 25 people were injured. The threat was well communicated in advance by the National Weather Service and the media that severe weather was possible for the area at the time of the festival. It is unknown whether someone had the responsibility to watch the weather and whether contingency plans were defined ahead of time. The cultural festival did cancel one part of the event in advance based on the forecast so there was some level of weather awareness but one wonders if they did enough (especially on the day of the event).


Both cases show the need for at least someone to be the “weather manager”. In many cases, businesses, organizations or events need access at some level to a meteorologist. At the very least, someone needs to have the responsibility to be the “weather manager” to monitor the weather for safety reasons, expense control and for income opportunities.


WeatherStrategy LLC is available to provide guidance and training if you feel your organization needs a weather manager but you don't know where to start.

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