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 Assisting Organizations In Becoming Weather Resilient By Making Weather & Climate Data Actionable

Professional Services:



Your situation: You know weather impacts your business or organization but don't know how to develop strategies to mitigate expenses or take advantage of opportunities.  You need to understand the strategic implications of weather and climate on your organization.   You need assistance in facilitating the process to make sure the many aspects of your supply chain or value chain are addressed.  

Our solution:  This is a scoped on-site project focused on your needs.  The project will define your corporate goals as they relate to your weather related concerns.  We will collaborate with key staff members to determine external and internal drivers as they pertain to addressing the impacts of weather on your supply or value chain.  Once these are determined we can assist in defining strategies to mitigate expenses and take advantage of opportunities.  


Your situation: You know weather has some sort of impact on your business or organization but don't know where and how to start your research effort.  You want your research efforts to be efficient, timely and thorough. 

Our solution: After an initial no-cost phone call, we will work with you to develop a scoping document.  The document will define your project objectives, requirements, benefit and proposed deliverables so that we may provide advisory services that meet your expectations.   


Your situation: You work for an international company with resources and staff stationed around the globe.  You have a need for a weather "heads up" for areas that may be impacted by extreme weather which may affect your employees. The information needs to be quick and to the point.  

Our solution: WeatherStrategy provides a 7 day global Weather Intelligence Briefing.  This briefing provides a "heads up" of synoptic (fronts and high/low pressure) scale "impactful to business" weather events. It is produced and sent via email on a daily basis.   We also have the capability to provide customized forecasts.  


Your situation: Your organization has a need to understand how changes in the weather or climate may affect business or customer decisions in a time period well beyond any reasonable available forecast to even years in the future.  You also know there are other influences that may factor in decision making including social, technological, environmental, economic and political aspects.  

Our solution: Our main focus is using a process called Scenario Planning that incorporates weather/climate.  Scenario Planning incorporates social, technological, environmental, economic and political aspects into understanding plausible futures.  These futures are not forecasts but they give insight as to what could occur.  With this type of insight people and organizations can determine strategies now to optimize the opportunities and challenges down the line. Scenario Planning can help organizations develop better resilient plans, prepare for change and become more innovative.    Scenario Planning is a process that requires some time and interaction, but can be very rewarding. The Scenario Planning Workshop expectations are defined through a scoping statement.  Workshops are on-site and require multiple meetings.  



Your situation:  You have seen the impact of weather on your business and employee productivity from weather events like snowstorms and thunderstorms.  However, you are not sure if you are prepared enough or if there are other types of weather hazards to be aware of.   

Our solution:  Our Weather Hazard Planning  Workshop includes a review of the weather that can impact your business and your facility itself. We assist your organization in determining the impact from different weather parameters and your weather thresholds.  We also advise on resources you can utilize to minimize impacts or take advantage of opportunities.

Our Weather Hazard Planning Workshop covers the following:

  • Thinking about the Weather Strategically
  • Weather Hazard Analysis
  • Business Process/Asset Vulnerability Analysis
  • Capability Assessment
  • Strategies
  • Developing Your Strategies
  • Implement Your Strategies


Your situation: You see the importance to having a member of your staff being the "go-to" person regarding weather decisions for your business and employees.  However, you feel there is a need for that person to understand weather itself and the options and resources available to better perform the task of being the "weather manager" for your business or organization.

Our solution:  WeatherStrategy offers specialized training for the organization employee tasked with gathering and utilizing weather information and forecasts for decision making purposes.  This training/workshop is designed for a city or metro area and is on-site at a local meeting place or at a business location if attendees are limited to one company.  The focus of the workshop includes understanding the types of weather that impact your organization, forecast limitations, determining your weather thresholds and available resources.  


Your situation: You know weather has some sort of impact on your business or organization but feel you need more information to better understand it and its impact.  

Our solution:  WeatherStrategy can provide customized educational training/presentations focused on weather and business.  After an initial no-cost phone call, we will work with you to develop a scoping document of what is needed and what the goals of the training are.  


Your situation: You work for a company that wants a "heads up"  as to when weather could impact your business operations or your employees. The information needs to be quick and to the point and focuses on the possible events.  

Our solution: WeatherStrategy provides a 7 day weather impact outlook by city or metropolitan area.  This outlook provides a "heads up" of potential weather conditions/events an organization's management should be aware of and to prepare for. It is produced and sent via email on a daily basis.   We also have the capability to provide customized forecasts.  


Your situation:  You are a retailer, energy or agricultural company and concerned about longer range weather (1 to 3 months) and its impact on your business or organization.  You know that deterministic forecasts are not available/useful in the longer range but have heard about probabilistic forecasts.  

Our solution:  WeatherStrategy is able to address this with a Seasonal Climatological Impact Workshop.  This workshop focuses on an impacted industry (Agricultural, Energy or Commerce).  Using publicly available seasonal climatological outlooks, we will work with your group to make the outlooks usable for decision making purposes.  The workshop includes understanding temperature and precipitation extremes on your organization for the 1 to 3 month ahead time period, working with the available forecasts and then determining strategies and action plans for your organization.   Probabilistic forecasts like this are useful because decisions using these forecasts are generally being made in the right direction.